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Welcome to my website!

This collection of webpages is my only corner on the web; I have no facebook, no twiter, no google plus or any other social network account. Here you can see my latest info, my bibliography (books & articles), some of the topics I wrote about and an application to fill if you're a student in need of a tutor.

I'm an advocate of freelance jobs; most part time and full time jobs are just a waste of time and a waste of ressources. I'm also an advocate of differential education; the old "one size fits all" curricula are proving more and more their failure.

About Me

I'm a mathematics teacher, physics teacher and a former physics editor. I graduated from the Lebanese university in 2009 with a BS in physics and I'm currently working as a high school mathematics teacher and as a mathematics and physics tutor. As a lot of people, I tried (when I was an undergraduate) to solve the Riemann hypothesis, the Collatz conjecture, the Four color theorem, the n-body problem, Fermat's Last Theorem, etc.

I'm interested in physics (theoretical and mathematical physics, especially self-energy and gravitation), mathematics (especially topology and analysis), computer science (web programming), neuroscience (understanding the most complex system in the universe) and education (I am an advocate of the so-called differential education which I call finite differential education to differenciate it from the continuous differential education in which the level and content of what a student should learn is a continuous function of his brain capabilities).

I'm a old Lebanese Christian. I speak arabic, english and french. My favorite singer is Majida el Roumy. I know my way around LaTeX, Matlab, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, AJAX and MySQL.


I was born on a cold day of december 1987 in Lebanon. I attended elementary school at Collège de la Providence; I was a hard working student who wanted to get high grades in all the subjects even though I never prefered any subject over the others. Then I went to Mesrobian to complete my middle and high school.

In middle school, I was getting more and more into mathematics and physics (including chemistry) and neglecting all other subjects (except arabic grammar!). I remember solving systems of linear equations, "discovering" decimal logarithms & nth roots, building electric circuits (including a simple transmitter-receiver without an amplifier) & a water electrolyzer and reading about electromagnetic fields, subatomic particles, black holes and other stuffs. but still, I wasn't a couch potato; I practised running, basket ball, push ups and some kung fu!

In high school, my progression rate in mathematics & physics was too slow because of the curriculum so I brought some french baccalaureate and old books to study stuffs like Riemann integration, general equations of conic sections and the life of stars. Of course, I was failing all other subjects in school. I had to cope with this boring "one size fits all" curriculum so I was counting the days to finish school and enter a university to begin a serious formation. The thing I was lacking the most is religious education; I didn't feel this lack when I was in school but now, when I look backward, I see this as a huge gap and I'm not only talking about the Gospel but about Christianity in general, the old and new testaments, the history, the churches...

I entered the Lebanese university, faculty of science section II in fanar in 2005 and I graduated in 2009 with a BS in physics. I rarely attended lectures but I used to pass exams by studying my classmates' notes and reading some books, that's why I consider myself to be mainly self-taught.


I'm trying to use nets and function spaces to solve differential, integrodifferential and functional equations.